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Email your request to become an associate member today, and become a mentor tomorrow. Students pick up an internship application from your school guidance office. 

Let's Make A Change

Here are some ways you can donate:


Apply for Internship 


Join our Community Leaders,

Volunteer with your peers,

and build with your Community Leaders!


Apply for Mentorship and host a developing atmosphere for our Interns.

   Youth ages 16-25 partner with community & business leaders to further maximize career readiness and technical skills. Interns move from sterile work-based classroom lab to real world work laboratories. The intern moves from an applied work environment to an integrated, synthesized environment ripe with opportunities for problem-solving, collaboration, and creative risk-taking.

Apply today for a unique paid internship experience within your community. Become the next intern of TSY program.

   Infuse local youth and elders with a blending of experience, wisdom, maturity, emerging ideas, technologically driven perspectives from the culturally different expectations. Prepare for efficient and thoughtful citizenship and challenges to the status quo. Engage and empower the future leaders for change.

Create opportunities, motivate local youth, and support their visions for the future. Become a leadership coach within your TSY community. Be part of the TSY leadership training team.

   Connect and inspire youth, guide passion, motivate and support courageous thoughts and actions for social impact. Help develop new assets and resources invigorating the current workforce. Mentorship is important and valuable. Mentor networks are critical to the growth and development of changing and challenging complex dynamics in life and business relationships.

Be that respected guide and relationship builder. Become a local mentor of career ready youth. Host a TSY intern.


At this time TSYIL is working on accepting online contributions. Keep in mind that Financial Contributions can be made to Tri-State Youth Internship and Leadership by contacting Dr. Waheed Zehri, and donors should be provided a contribution receipt and Thank You letter.

TSYIL is also looking for community spaces for events, marketing assistance, and  supplies for interns. If you would like more detailed information, please reach out to us at

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