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2-4-21 COVID appears to be moving out of our community. Technology has positively impacted the ways we do business in all areas of our community. The new president of TSYIL, Mrs. Covert is hoping to expand the methods of internships to the Bullhead City area.

Mrs. Covert and other members of TSYIL are working on the reorganization of TSYIL. Utilizing new technologies and innovations. It is the hope of TSYIL, that internship and leadership opportunities will once again be available to our youth. Doors are being opened, students will soon be given access to vaccines. Many of our adult youth leaders are currently getting vaccinated. WE miss you.

We ask for your patience during the restructuring of the programs and methodologies. Adults interested in developing innovative methods of delivering work based learning opportunities for our local youth are encouraged to contact Mrs. Covert.

It is time to move into the future. We hope to be the catalyst for the new career developments and opportunities to prepare youth for successful transitions into the workplace.

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