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Corona Virus impacts on internships

Greetings from the Board of Directors from Tri-State Youth Internship and Leadership. We wish all of you good health during this unique world-wide pandemic. I can say, I have never experienced something quite like this, and can only imagine the uncertainties you may be grappling with.

As we have had conversations with our mentors, and as we work through the economic impacts of the shuttering in-place mandates, we are still hopeful for a bight summer season. Therefore, we are going to operate accordingly. We will postpone all of our current calendar dates.

We will accept electronic applications from mentors and interns alike.

We ask that all communication take place electronically. Download the applications, if you do not have access to scanners, take a picture of your application and email it to us. Mrs. Covert can be reached via email at:

We are accepting student intern applications with a soft deadline of April 15. We will continue to monitor school closures from all tri-state communities. Watch our Facebook page. We typically post there first:)

Lastly, we want to thank all the mentors and community service groups that have hosted Tri-State Youth Internship & Leadership during past weeks. Your interest and commitment to youth is impressive.

Please be safe, be healthy, and shutter in. We want to see all of you very soon.

Mrs. Covert

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