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Interns and Mentors

Invest in today's youth, build a stronger community for tomorrow.

Local business leaders are keenly aware of the technical skills and professional skills gap that is looming over Arizona and the US. More workers are preparing for retirement, than youth applying for these essential jobs. Even if there were equitable numbers applying for these positions, how does one replace the vast knowledge that came from problem solving and creative planning gained from years of experience?

Offering professional and leadership skills of today's youth through involvement and internships, will improve the student's employment success.

Community leaders, employers, and educators are forming critical partnerships in the Tri-state area of Arizona, Nevada, and California. The goal is to better prepare students for a career path, methods and resources to attend the best suited post-secondary educational programs, and a professional network to train and advance with.

Professional mentors are offering internships, mentors and business specialist are developing professional skill, and leadership curriculum. Your talents and skills are needed and wanted. Contact the founder Dr. Waheed Zehri apply to become an associate member. You will make the difference and a young life.

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