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We envision young adults partnering with community leaders and strong mentors. We envision a community culture, which values learning and work experiences that results in a smooth transition from student to employee. At TSYIL, we promote a process of mutual investment between the intern and the mentor; where work is rewarded, and learning is a two-way occupation, and the generational relationship is valued.  

Tri-State Youth Internship & Leadership aims to serve the youth in our community.  We plan to assist students with needed internship placements for local youth, ages 16 to 25. We are seeking community leaders and employers willing to share talents and skills, wisdom, to provide, real life work experiences as professional mentors. 

We are building a community that provides students with long forgotten transitional services, connecting classroom instruction to career planning and training. 

We believe today's youth want to develop professional relationships earlier in the development of their career paths.

Our Mission

Tri-State Youth Internship & Leadership mission is to “Cultivate Future Leaders Through Involvement

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our vision it to develop a highly involved community support system, to inspire young adults, to enhance professional experiences, to cultivate tomorrow’s business leaders for a lasting change, and to impact and strengthen the community.

We Need Your Support Today!

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